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Get Answers to Your Top Questions

Many of our customers want to know the details of our electrical services and solutions before giving the green light on projects. To make our process simple, here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers at Zlectric Solutions in Corpus Christi, TX for your reference:


Did you know by simply changing your light bulbs to LED or even compact flourescent you can save hundreds to even thousands on your energy bill every year. Even better, these type of bulbs can last up to five years with normal usage which saves the hassle of changing bulbs on those hard to reach light fixtures we all have !

Even if you have GFCI receptacles installed in your kitchens,restrooms,garages etc. they may not protect you against electrical shock or even death, so make sure you reset them monthly. If they do not reset they Do Not work!!! So save your self or a loved one by this simple test to ensure your family is safe.

If your house suffers from aluminum wiring don't worry, by simply installing arc fault breakers in your panel ,you cut the risk of an electrical fire by 95%. It's a simple task to do and as always we do 100% free electrical inspections. So take advantage of this no hassle consultation and protect your biggest investment. Your family !!!


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